In this video episode from Empire Precious Metals, EPM discusses the ongoing bank closures in the United States and China and the impact it has on the economy and individuals … in China, rural banks have frozen depositor funds, leaving over 400,000 customers without access to their money for a year.

While some major depositors have received their money back, thousands still haven’t … Chinese authorities have been criticized for being slow to pay back depositors, particularly those who live far from the big cities.

The recent banking crisis events in both China and the Untied States drive home the importance of keeping cash and precious metals in safe locations, such as homes or off-site locations, as a form of insurance in case of emergencies, and the need for people to consider the amount of money they keep in the bank.

Junk Silver use to be cheap Silver … but now it’s it’s gained in popularity and it’s become more expensive …however, EPM says he’s now gonna buy more Junk Silver as an insurance policy against all this recent banking calamity.

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