Privacy Policy … does not collect any of your personal information … we simply do not install any proprietary tracking technology that we use to monitor your online behavior.

Embedded Content from 3rd Party Websites … does embed content from a very select group of 3rd party content providers, such as Tweets from Twitter, Video’s from Youtube, & ad’s from Google into our website … these 3rd party content providers often utilize various tracking technologies within their content that originates from their websites, not ours.

WordPress Technology … is built upon the WordPress CMS platform … a base WordPress installation does include some tracking technology that is used to enhance website navigation & user experience … this base WordPress technology is “not used” in a manner that collects & distributes or sells your data to 3rd parties … this technology is strictly default WordPress technology used for enhancing the “user experience” while on the website, and is “not” something extra that adds to the default WordPress installation.

Disabling Cookie Technology …

If you are concerned about cookie tracking technology … you can disable the cookies technology through settings in your web-browser … however, disabling the cookie technology in your web-broswer may also block the cookies that enhance your user experience, which means; some features in the website that enhance navigation & user experience may be lost.